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Poipu Vacation Rentals -The Garden Island Is Calling You

When you think about nice places to go for a vacation, Hawaii is a name that often comes to mind.  Not only is Hawaii a place that people like to visit, but they tend to return to the islands repeatedly.  There is just something about Hawaii. Just like the other states, however, Hawaii is not […]

Sell My Timeshare; Buying as an Investment

As an investor in timeshare, you would like to see a surge in the value of your timeshare.  When you see a surge in its value, you would begin to think about selling it for a better price.  It is important to understand that timeshare is only an investment and is not a property in […]

Selling your Timeshare Rental

Travelers who can actively use their timeshare rentals love them, taking advantage of visiting places all over the world. But what happens if there is a year when you will not be able to use your timeshare. Instead of letting the time go to waste, there are several ways of selling a timeshare. One of […]