The Survival Guide To Caribana

The Caribana festival is one of the most crowded festivals celebrated in all of North America, attracting as much as one million tourists yearly. Joining the celebration should automatically switch your survival mode on, considering that it’s going to be wild. If you don’t want to be eaten up by confusion and physical discomfort among other things, it is best that you stick to the following guidelines as to how to survive the Caribana.

The best tip that I can probably give you if you want to survive this festival is to dress lightly and comfortably. Remember that you will be squeezing in to the rest of the crowd in Caribana and will be exposed to sunlight. Dressing lightly will allow air to easily circulate around your body’s surfaces as well as allow your sweat to evaporate – which in turn cools the body.

Next, arriving early is just as important as dressing as lightly and as comfortable as possible. No matter how breezy your clothing may be, these won’t stand a chance of helping you survive the heat if you arrive late – just in time to join the crowd. If you arrive early though, you will be able to position yourself comfortably along the front row minus the crowd. You can bring a chair and other necessities with you so that you will be able to keep yourself at ease by the time the parade starts.

Lastly, it is also important that you wear footwear that won’t cause you any trouble. With the parade going on for the next 3.6 kilometers from where it starts and considering that there are many other activities that you have to go to right after the parade, most travel blogs will tell you that wearing comfortable footwear is a must. Closed shoes with flat heels are the best types of footwear for both men and women during the festival. Heels are highly discouraged and because slippers may snap during long walks, it is best to avoid them.