Tips For A Great Negril Vacation

When people think of Negril, they picture secluded, gorgeous beaches surrounded by palm trees and great nightlife.  This is an accurate description, but Jamaica has so much more to offer.  These are a few tips to make your next trip here more fulfilling and thrilling.

Guided Walks

Many excursions and tours are available in this area.  The “River Walk” is a nice option that leads close to Westmoreland through vegetation.  Bring a swimsuit because waterfalls and natural jacuzzis form an invitation to swim.  Enjoy the opportunity to taste the local food.  Most tours include a barbecue feast.

Cliff Jumping and Sunsets

Negril is famous for divers who jump off cliffs at sunset.  It is inspiring to watch these divers.  It is important to remember that high cliffs are specifically for experienced divers.  Dangerous injuries have occurred to those who have little or no knowledge about Negril cliff jumping.  Novices should just sit back with Reggae music in the background and enjoy the sunset.

Watching Wildlife

Birdwatching is a common hobby.  Jamaica has a wide variety of birds that can be seen in Negril.  Herons, parakeets, egrets, and the Doctor bird, which is endangered, can be watched from here.  Butterflies of different colors, are often found in the same area as these birds.  Sea life such as turtles, whales, and dolphins, can also be viewed. It is quite exciting to watch wildlife in person, not just in pictures or on television.

There is so much to see and do when visiting Negril, Jamaica.  Instead of spending your entire vacation at the hotel or beach, discover what nature in Negril is all about.  The numerous amount of activities that this area of Jamaica has to offer leads many Negril hotels to present private tours, and most are willing to tailor-make an itinerary that fits your needs if you just ask.