Visiting Italy

  1. Do you know that a lot of businesses in Italy does not accept credit cards even in big tourist destinations like Rome and the beautiful Venice? When you are going to Italy, don’t wait until you’re there to try to get local currency make sure that you have Euros with you to enjoy the fun. Since credit cards are not recognized, you will need cash all the time.
  2. Guided tours are smart ways to get the most out of your visit. They can be expensive especially if you are travelling as a family.  However, there are several mp3 audio tours covering several points of interest in different locations in Italy that you can download for free.
  3. Camera batteries, mp3 players, laptops, PDAs, cell phones need an extension cord or 3-way splitter. If you are to travel with more than one person, the number of gadgets that require recharging can multiply fast. Why not get more mileages out of your outlet adapters with a splitter?
  4. On the other hand, many writers, guides, and travelers tell that the best part of enjoying an Italian city is by getting lost in the little alleyways and side streets.  Interesting, isn’t it? Knowing that you can get “unlost” any time you’re ready can take the stress out of exploring and bring the fun.  A GPS can list the restaurants near your current location which can serve as your land mark.
  5. When you travel to Italy, do not be surprised if taxi drivers don’t know where your hotel is. They can’t possibly be expected to know every hotel, bed & breakfast, and restaraunt in the big city of Rome.  A GPS is an expensive gadget but surely well worth the investment if you can afford it, most especially if you travel often to big cities like Rome.
  6. Speaking of food, Italy is mot known with its delicious pasta. A meal at a sit-down restaurant has to be a relaxed affair that allows plenty of time to enjoy food and good company, and this can easily last as long as 2 hours.  Many tourists who are in a hurry to leave the place quickly would surely miss the fun of how it is to dine in Italy. If you are someone who want to overcome weight loss plateau, dining in an Italy restaurant can offer you a variety  of food choices. But you have to be very aware! Italy got one of the most delighted foods in the world. You might end up forgetting your fitness goals and end wanting for more food.