What is Camping?

What exactly is camping? Most people have their opinions on what camping is, while others think of it as something totally different. It is all a matter of opinion, what you like and prefer, or what you can actually do.

Most people think of camping as being rugged and living outdoors pretty much. Many campsites do not have indoor plumbing and you’re basically at the hand of Mother Nature. These people take tents with nice and comfortable Intex air beds to sleep basically outside in style. Campfires are built every night to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. They may even sing songs around the campfire before going to bed.

Some of the activities these people may take part in do not include modern day technology. This means no television, no radio, or no electronic games. This is known as hard core camping. They catch fish to eat during the meals and the fish are cooked over the open fire. Swimming is a big family favorite. It is not done in a pool either. People swim in the rivers, lakes, and ponds. These people just do not mind getting dirty and using their imaginations to enjoy themselves.

Some people basically believe this as some others take one step up and rent or buy an RV, recreational vehicle. So instead of sleeping on the ground in a tent, people can actually sleep in a bed. The activities may be the same, but some fancier RVs have electricity with a radio, TV, or other electronics. It may also have a refrigerator and stove to cook on.

This is a big step up from the rugged outdoorsman, but there are even some people who would never be caught dead going out into the woods in an RV, let alone tent! These people think that going camping should mean going to a different town than your hometown, getting a hotel room, and staying and relaxing there. Swimming is done in a public pool, not in some grimy lake. These are the type of people who both have a lot of money and can buy whatever they want so they do not know much about doing stuff for themselves or having fun in the dirt, or people that just do not enjoy the outdoors.

Camping is really just whatever you make it. Leaving home to spend time outdoors, or indoors; with family and friends to have a good time. Relaxation, exploration and adventure are possible when you go camping. It is a very peaceful experience for many as long as you take the necessary precautions needed when you spend a lot of time outdoors. This includes bug-spray, suntan lotion for starters.